The RYFL BOD enters into an agreement (contract) each year with a selected photo business. .  Our agreement basically states that RYFL Football and Cheerleading teams will  use photo business selected by the BOD for their team pictures.  In return the photography business agrees to rebate a percentage of their net earnings to RYFL.  They also agree to pay a sponsorship for a football team as well as a cheerleading team.  The RYFL BOD urges all coaches (Football & Cheerleading) to abide by the contract and not use an independent photographer for their team pictures.  The photography service is put out for bid every year.    

As part of RYFL, we expect all coaches to follow all rules, regulations and directions set by the BOD.  By using an independent photographer, intentionally or unintentionally, you in essence undermine the authority of the RYFL BOD.  Therefore, we expect all coaches to comply with the contract that RYFL enters into with the photography business selected each year.  Thank You for your cooperation in this matter.


The RYFL BOD recognizes each coach, whether head or assistant, sacrifices their time and efforts in order to be able to work with kids. We  appreciate and commend all coaches for giving of their time, efforts and knowledge to teach our kids the fundamentals of football and cheer-leading.  With that in mind, please remember, coaching is a privilege and not a right.  Please remember parents and guardians are entrusting their kids in your hands.   We have selected a head coach for every team with the ultimate expectation of ensuring the objectives and goals of the RYFL are adhered to.  We expect the head coach to manage, teach and serve as a mentor for his/her assistant coaches.     In addition, the head coach will be required to enforce the following tasks which include but are not limited to:
  • Make sure each player has the required equipment and the equipment is fitted correctly and is in proper working order before every practice and game.
  • Concussions will be a point of concern every year.  Please, please, please do not sacrifice a child's well-being for the sake of winning.  This includes a coach's son or daughter.  Coaches tend to be harder on their own kids.
  • Make sure that you and assistant coaches take the time to read the rules and regulations.  If you don't understand them or have questions, please let a board member know.
  • Be fair to all players.  Make sure each player plays the required number of snaps per game.
  • Exhibit and teach  sportsmanship and Character Counts.
  • Help us with individuals that stand along side of the fence between the 30 yard lines.  During parents meetings, please remind them of the importance of being courteous to others especially when they are blocking the view of your other parents that sit in the bleachers.